Download i4tools for Mac OS (Works as 3u tools on Mac)


Download i4tools for Mac OS (Works as 3u tools on Mac)

i4tools for Mac Download
i4tools for Mac Download


i4tools works just like 3u tools for windows. You can’t use 3u Tools on Mac OS, so there is a similar software called i4tools. You can do anything like back up, restore your device, copy images, perform music, contacts, and many other utilities. If you are going to bypass ios 15 disable passcode then i4tools import and it is required. When ios 14 disabled passcode bypass came so many people are using this software. This tool is supported on Mac OS above iOS 10.

We have to use the Chinese version of i4tools on Mac OS. We could not find any English version.

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Some highlights of this post

1 i4tools is for mac and windows
2. Chinese language in i4tool is
3. This software is useful if we disable ios 15.
4. It is software similar to the 3u tool of windows that we use.
5. You can copy and manage photos, music, videos, sound recordings, ringtones, backup and restore with this tool. , build number on this tool, etc.


Download i4tools for Mac OS

File Name: i4tools for Mac OS
Size: 122MB
Type: .dmg
Compatible OS: Mac
Download: i4tools for Mac OS (Mediafire)

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