MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13 5G CPU Support


MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13 5G CPU Support

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13 5G CPU Support
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13 5G CPU Support

Hello friends, welcome to my blog Today I am going to share MTK Auth Bypass Tool Version, a no-cost program created by Mofadal M Salem that helps to easily bypass the AUTH protection of many new MTK-powered Android cell phones. The tool can be used for new MTK MTK6735, MTK6737, MTK6739, MTK6750, MTK6765, MTK6771, MTK6785, MTK8127, MTK8163, MTK8173 chipset-powered Android phones. If you own same CPU version and want to Flash and FRP Unlock or Pattern Unlock on your phone then follow easy steps and install MTK Auth Bypass Tool version V13.0.0.0 to flash or remove USB security and open Pattern/FRP/with SP Flash Tool.

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All MTK chipsets now supported for auth bypass

added auth bypass (SLA/DAA) support for:

  • MTK6781 MediaTek (Helio G96)
  • MTK6768(2021) MediaTek (Helio G88)
  • MTK6768(2021) *new
  • MTK6877 *new
  • MTK6883 *new
  • MT6885 *new
  • MT6889 *new
  • MT6877 MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/ZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/NZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TNZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6883 (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883V/ZA (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883Z (Dimensity 1000C)
  • MT6885 (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6885Z (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6889 (Dimensity 1000)
  • MT6889Z (Dimensity 1000+)
  • MT6890 (T750 5G-integrated SoC)
  • MT6880 (Milestone Silver)

Mtk Auth Bypass v13

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13 5G CPU Latest Free Download

Name: MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13.0.0.0

Size: 8.80MB


Download Link:



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