Oppo Reno4 A33 CPH2137 Unlock File Remove Lock QFIL Free 2023


Oppo Reno4 A33 CPH2137 Unlock File Remove Lock QFIL Free 2023

Oppo Reno4 A33 CPH2137 Unlock File Remove Lock QFIL Free 2023

Hay Friends welcome to www.gsmsharmaji.com. Today I have brought you Oppo Reno4 CPH2113 Unlock File and FRP Unlock File. Thereby using QPST’s QFil Flash Tool and UMT Pro Tool is an efficient and straightforward solution to unlock your phone’s (Screen Lock) Pattern, Password, and PIN in just one click. Screen lock is an important data security measure on modern Android handsets. Which protects the device from unauthorized access. If you forget the screen lock on your phone, follow these instructions to get the Oppo Reno4 CPH2113 Unlock File and FRP Unlock File, and Qfill Flash Tool to easily unlock your phone for free.


Download Oppo A33 CPH2137 Unlock File With Tool Free:

You can easily download Oppo A33 Qualcomm Remove Pattern, Password Unlock File free with no bother from here. It is exclusively available only for all gsmsharmaji.com visitors.

File Name: Oppo_A33_CPH2137.CPH2139_Unlock_File_&_FRP_Unlock_File
File Size: 543KB
Download: Remove File [PASS: www.gsmsharmaji.com]
Flash Tool: Download QPST Flash Tool
USB Driver: Qualcomm USB Driver


How to Unlock Password, Pattern Oppo A33 with QFil Flash Tool

  • Download & extract the Oppo A33 CPH2137 Unlock file to your computer.
  • Then Download File & extract the Qfil flash tool
  • Open the tool folder and Run Qfil.exe
  • Take a look at Qfil to unlock the FRP file on your Oppo Realme. To unlock Google Gmail, use the most recent version of QPST Flash Tool. A free tick on flat construction.
  • Click on BROWSE from the Select Programmer path tab. 
  • Choose the prog_firehose_ddr_fwupdate.mbn.
  • Make a selection of the programme ‘firehose-fwupdate’.
  • Unlock Google Gmail Lock with QPST Flash Tool Latest Free Oppo Realme FRP File Unlock
  • Pattern Password Load XML file.
  • To load XML, click on Load XML.
  • Select RawProgram0.xml & Patch0.xml file.
  • Shut down and reconnect your phone. 
  • Your PC’s Device Manager may be accessed by opening it.
  • Now The Oppo A33 should now be turned off.
  • Switch to EDL Mode on your device.
  • When you notice the Qualcomm QDLOADER 9008 Port on your phone, press and hold the VOL + and Power keys together.
  • The Qfil tool may be returned to
  • Click the Select Port tab to bring up a drop-down menu and select the appropriate port.
  • Using the latest free version of the QPST flash tool, you can unlock the pattern password of your Oppo Realme FRP file using Partition Manager.
  • Now, select the Tools tab.
  • Then go ahead and select Partition Manager OK.
  • It will take some time to read the partition table of your device.
  • All you have to do now is find out the partition information of your phone.
  • Select the userdata partition at the bottom.
  • Use the Manage Partition Data command from the userdata partition’s context menu.
  • Select Delete from the menu bar =>> Yes, it will delete the user data of your phone.
  • Once you get the word of success,
  • On Oppo A33, you will find
  • it’s done.




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