Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem Solution


Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem Solution

Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem Solution
Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem Solution

Hello, guys welcome to I am going to share Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem Solution. here we will give you suggestions on resolving this problem with your phone schematic diagram. for example. Charging not showing, unable to charge your phones, connect after shaking charging, Battery percentage not growth, Battery percentage slow growth, etc charging related problems.

When a premium device like the Redmi 5A won’t charge, the problem may lie with the hardware and its components by the way of charging, or it could be a minor issue with the hardware. As an owner, you should do some troubleshooting procedures to determine what the problem is and hopefully be able to fix it.

Hardware Causes of Redmi 5A Full Charging Problem:

  • Dirt, dust, or debris has accumulated in the charging port.
  • The power adapter is damaged or faulty.
  • USB cable is no longer working properly.
  • You are using the wrong power adapter or weak USB port for your phone.


Redmi 5A Full Charging Ways – Charging Problem Solution

In the schematic diagram hardware image, we draw the Redmi 5A Full charging ways and its attached components check and track check using a multimeter if any components damaged or track damage makes a jumper or component replacement on the Samsung Galaxy A71 motherboard.

Redmi 5A full Charging Solution Ways
Redmi 5A full Charging Solution Ways

Here are some steps to solve Redmi 5A charging issue:

  1. Check Charging Port:

No charging damage to the Redmi 5A could be due to a broken USB port corrosion. Water spills can cause corrosion which damages the charging port pin and disconnects the voltage transfer line. So that the line is disconnected and the voltage cannot flow and is saved in the phone battery. Replace the charging USB port immediately if it is damaged and the charger on the phone is not a problem.

       2. Check Components And Track:

Check the line on the board If there are damaged or disconnected lines, put the jumper on the way on the PCB board. And also inspect the components to make sure there is no charging damage, change the component. In the picture listed above, there is a component in which the Redmi 5A No Charging phone is malfunctioning. Then for the best trick immediately replace the faulty component with a replacement component in good condition.

But if you don’t have a replacement component, it may just remove the jumper on the component that has been damaged. Some of these methods can fix Redmi 5A not charging, make sure you perform damage inspection carefully. Use a multimeter tool to measure the positions of each component and path on the damaged PCB board.



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