Vivo ADB Format tool Free Download (2020) Vivo Y11, Y81, Y83, Y83Pro, Vivo 1820,Y91i,Y91c


Vivo ADB Format tool Free Download (2020) Vivo Y11, Y81, Y83, Y83Pro, Vivo 1820,Y91i,Y91c 

Vivo Adb Format tool 2020

Looking to download the latest version of Vivo ADB Format Tool ? In this guide, we have brought you Vivo ADB format tool, Vivo pattern and FRP Unlock tool as well as help guide. If you have been locked out of your Vivo smartphone because you are stuck in Google account verification, this tool is what you are looking for. By adding this account-bypass feature with the help of this tool, you will be able to bypass any security security lock such as pattern, PIN or password lock on any Vivo smartphone.

There are times when we simply forget the lock screen security PIN/Password or pattern, out of nowhere. This happens even when you are actively using it. In such cases, you will be completely locked out of your device that you will not be able to start the device format normally from within the device.  Do not fear, we have a way for this. With the help of Vivo ADB format tool, you can easily bypass any password protection on your Vivo device along with FRP. The process of FRP removal, as well as pattern protection, is similar. Just follow this guide step by step to successfully bypass those security measures. 


Before we take a deep dive to download the Vivo adb format tool, let us know some basics that you should know about this amazing little tool. This also gives you an idea about what you would be dealing with and what you can expect from the tool.


Vivo ADB Format tool Free Download
Password :-

What is FRP ?

FRP is short for Factory Reset Protection. The Factory Reset Protection features, which is built-in by Google in all the Android devices, protects your device from being easily factory reset. This particular feature is very useful when you have either lost your device or if it is actually stolen by someone. In such cases, whoever has your device cannot simply wipe the data on your device to start using it anew, thanks to FRP lock. FRP requires Google login credentials to work and if the other person who has your device don’t know that, then they cannot wipe the device.

How to Bypass Frp lock no Vivo devices ?

If you think about it, FRP is actually a pretty useful and must-have feature for all Android devices. But this might not always be the case. There are times when you forget the passcode/PIN/pattern of your own device and locked out of it with no access to your data or anything on your phone. In such cases, the in vivo ADB format tool will easily help bypass FRP lock on in vivo devices. Using this tool, you can simply bypass the FRP lock or Pattern or pin protection on your Vivo device and factory resets your smartphone.

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Vivo adb format tool features

Below are some useful features of the Vivo ADB Framework Tool. Using this tool, you can
  • Remove any FRP or password protection for in vivo devices.
  • Check communication between PC and smartphone.
  • Remove Pattern / Password / Pin lock from Vivo devices.
  • Get all the information your vivo smartphone.

How To Install Vivo ADB Format Tool

Vivo adb format tool 
  1. Firstly, you need to install the proper USB drivers. Download and install these drivers: MediaTek VCOM Drivers.
  2. Switch OFF your Vivo device.
  3. Press the Power button + Volume Up button on your device.
  4. You will see two different type options on your screen: Recovery, and Reboot. Use the volume keys to select a recovery option and press the Power button to select it.
  5. Next, click on Advanced > Reboot with ADB.
  6. Now, connect your device via a USB cable with your computer and turn ON your device. If everything is fine until now, you will see COM Port under the Device Manager section on your PC.
  7. Extract and open the Vivo ADB Format Tool on your desktop.
  8. In the tool, enter the same port number which is displayed in the Device Manager of your PC.
  9. Next, click on the BTN2 button to bypass the FRP lock on Vivo smartphones.
  10. Wait for the “Finish” message to be displayed. 
Once the finished message is displayed, the device will boot up and format the data automatically.

that will be all. Now you should be able to bypass FRP lock on your Vivo device using Vivo ADB format tool. Hope you will be able to successfully download the Vivo ADB format tool and bypass FRP lock on your Vivo smartphone.

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