What is Capacitor ? How many types of Capacitor are used in mobile phones ?


What is Capacitor ? How many types of Capacitor are used in mobile phones ?

What is Capacitor

What is Capacitor ?


A component made of a coating of an insulator between two conductors is called capacitor. This dielectric matter or insulator has to capacity of playing an important role in storing electric charge. There are several types of capacitor. These are named according to the dielectric matters used in their composition. Air, paper, mica, ceramic and electrolyte capacitors are mostly used.

    The main function of a capacitor is to store the electrical energy and re supply i.e. charge and discharge the electrical energy.

      Capacitor is a electrical component made of metallic plates. Both plates are separated by bad conductor or dielectric. So we can say that a capacitor or condenser is a product made by placing a bad conductor between two plates of good conductor. The name of the conductor is dependant on the dielectric matter used in the capacitor. If the electrolytic capacitor is yellow, its borders are brown. If the capacitor is black, the border is silver colored.


Capacitor can be briefly described as below :-

Shown with the Character :-
Graphical Symbol :-
Graphical Symbol,Graphical Symbol Capacitor
Work :- (1) Passing AC (2) Stopping DC
Unit :- Fared(F),  Pico Fared (PF),  Neno Fared (NF), Micro Fared(MF)
Capacitor Structure,Capacitor symbol
Capacitor Structure

How many types of Capacitor are used in mobile phones ?

  1. Ceramic Capacitor (Non Polar)
  2. Electrolytic Capacitor (Polar) Tantalum

1. Ceramic capacitors

It is a type of capacitor where ceramic is used as dielectric matter. These capacitors are rated according to the ceramic electrical properties; the electrical properties of ceramics are multi dimensional. Use of ceramic significantly reduces the size of capacitor compared to other capacitors. Various ceramic dioxideides are used in ceramic capacitors such as barium titanium, barium strontium and titanium dioxide etc. Desired temperature co efficient is obtained by using various ceramic dielectric products. De insulation is performed using multi layers of dielectric cases between two fine conductors. This reduces the chance of its getting out of order in general. Its electrodes are generally plated with silver. This gives the capacitor the property of high quality soldering.


     Solid tantalum surface mount capacitor: Surface mount chips are generally used in telecommunication equipment like general telephone, mobile phones and data processing system. The white patch on these capacitors denote positive terminal.

Ceramic Capacitor
Ceramic Capacitor


2. Electrolytic capacitors

An electrolytic capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an electrolyte (ionic conducting liquid) as one of its conducting plates to achieve a large capacitance or high charge storage.

Electrolytic Capacitor
Electrolytic Capacitor

Testing of a Ceramic capacitor


Testing of a Ceramic capacitorIf the reading shows 000 after testing as shown in picture accompanied with a beep sound, it means that the capacitor is short. If the reading shows 1, it means that the capacitor might be open or even ok.


Determination of value of a Ceramic capacitor

Determination of value of a Ceramic capacitorAdjust the selector knob on 2µF. Connect the lead with CX plug to check the capacitor of 0.01µF and place the both probes at the other end on the soldering points of the capacitor. If the reading on display is .01, it means that the capacitor is ok. If the screen displays 000, it means the capacitor is open and if the display shows 1, It means the capacitor is short.

Checking of electrolytic capacitor


Checking of electrolytic capacitorIf the value of the capacitor to be checked is 10 µF, the knob of the selector is selected at 20 µF range. Lead is connected with CX socket and the probes on the other side of lead are placed on both soldering tips. If 10 is displayed, the capacitor may be considered as ok. If the screen shows 000, it means the capacitor is open.

If the screen displays 000 then capacitor is open. If the screen displays 1. it means the capacitor is short. The capacitor may be considered as ok if it value is within its tolerance level.

The above process will not be applicable if the value of the capacitor to be checked is more than 20 µF. The knob of the capacitor switch must be chosen according to the value of the capacitor.


Checking of the capacitor of value higher than 20 µF

Checking of the capacitor of value higher than 20 µFCapacitors of more than 20 µF value cannot be checked with this multimeter. The selector knob of the multimeter is placed on (Diode Rang) of diode and probes are placed turn by turn on com and V//F pins. If the reading increases and settles at 1 on the screen, in that case the electrolytic capacitor of higher value to be checked is considered ok. If the reading in both the cases remains ins 1 or the reading stops while ascending, in this cage the capacitor is considered as out of order.



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