What is Inductor ? How Many types of Inductor are used in mobile phone ?


What is Inductor ? How Many  types of Inductor are used in mobile phones ?

What is coil 

What is Inductor ? ( Coil )

The component made by twisting any conductor wire on a bad conductor base is called coil. The base on which the coils are formed is called core. When these coils do not have any base, these are also called air core coils. Coil is also known as conductor. A coil always resists any variation in current flow.

If variable supply is given to any coil, voltage of opposite polarity is generated in the coil. العاب قمار روليت This property of the coil is known as inductance. the coil is also known as an inductor.


Coil can be briefly described as below:- 

Shown with the Character :-
Graphical Symbol :- 
Coil symbol,inductor symbol,coil

Structure :- 

Cioil Structure,Coil photo
Cioil Structure


Work :- (i) Stopping AC      (ii) Passing DC

Unit :- (i) Hanery (H)  (ii) Mili Hanery (mH)  (iii) Micro Hanery (uH)

How many types of inductor are used in mobile phones ?

There are many types of coils, but surface mount coils are mostly used in mobile phones. العاب قمار روليت These are small chip inductors that are directly soldered on a PCB track. This type of inductor is called a general-purpose inductor. It is used for fast frequency response to high-quality factor. These indicators are made by mounting a spiral wire in a small hard package with a magnetic shield on the ferrite core and mounting terminals on either side. These terminals are nickel coated on PCB tracks for easy and better soldering. Nickel coating ensures reliable soldering. كيفية لعب بلاك جاك

Effect of DC on coil

The coil passes the DC like a simple wire. Magnetic properties are produced in the coil when DC is found. The power comes in it to attract the iron particles.

Effect of AC on coil

A variable magnetic electric field is generated in the coil when a variable electric current is given to it. The AC voltage in opposite directions arises due to this variable magnetic field that resists AC volts.


Checking of coil

Put the selector knob of the multi meter on diode sign. Now probes are placed on both the terminals of the coil. If a beep is produced and the display reads close to 000, it may be concluded that the coil is ok. If the display shows 1, it means that the coil is open.

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