What is Mobile Phone ? Mobile Phone Definition


What is Mobile Phone ? Mobile Phone Definition

What is mobile phone?,mobile phone definition,what is mobile
What is Mobile Phone ?

What is Mobile ?

First of all we will read what a mobile phone is, a mobile phone is also known by many different names like Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Wireless Phone. It is a device through which two people can talk easily even though they are far away from each other. In other words, it is a long-distance electronic device, which is used for communication of sound.
In today’s modern times, its usage has increased a lot, now mobile is not only used for talking but also for sending messages, mobile phones, for the use of online functions, internet, email, internet game, GPS , Social media etc. and for gaming, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone Ka Use is also used in video record taking pictures, audio record, Mp3 Player, Radio etc.

What is the full form of mobile:

M – Modify
O – Operation
B – Byte
I  – Integration
L –  Limited
E –  Energy
Integration– is the act of bringing small components together in a system that acts as one.


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