What is Resistor ? How many types of registers are used in mobile phones ?


What is Resistor ? How many types of registers are used in mobile phones ?

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What is Resistor ?

The resistance or resistance produced by any substance in a flow is called resistance.

This is a component  with the properties of both obstruction as well as resistance. The property of this component is called resistance.


Resistor can be briefly described as below :-

Shown with the Character :-
       R / E
Graphical Symbol :-
Work :- Decrease the current
Power Rating :- Watt
Unit :- Ohm(Ω),  Kilo Ohm(KΩ),  Mega Ohm(MΩ)
Resistance,Resistor,what is Resistor

The color of the register is black from above. But 1 or 2 percent register is also blue color. The register is white in color when viewed below. 

How many types of registers are used in mobile phones ?  

  1. Single resistor
  2. Network Resistor
  3. Chip Jumper ( Zero Ohm) Resistor
  4. Thermistor
  5. Light Dependant resistor (LDR)
  6. Voltage Dependant resistor (VDR)

1. Single resistor

The value of a single register is fixed.
Single resistor,Rasistance
Single resistor

2. Network Resistor

Combination of more than one resistor group is called network resistor. They are made in a single package.
Network Resistor
Network Resistor

3. Chip Jumper ( Zero Ohm) Resistor

This type of chip resistor is used as a jumper in mobile phones.
Chip Jumper Resistor
o Ohm

4. Thermistor

This is a kind of resistor the rating of which depends upon temperature. This is black from all the sides.
Thermistor resistor

These are of two types :- 

NTC Thermistor (Negative Temperature co efficient type thermistor)
PTC Thermistor ( Positive Temperature co efficient type thermistor)
  • NTC Thermistor

Under normal temperature the rating of the thermistor is very high but the rating goes on decreasing with the increase of heat due to flow of current.

  • PTC Thermistor

The rating under normal temperature is very low but keeps on increasing with the increase in temperature due to current flow.

5. Light Dependant resistor (LDR)

This resistor is dependant up on light. Resistance of a LDR may be several mega ohms in dark, but is reduced to few oham under light.

Light dependant resistor

6. Voltage Dependant resistor (VDR)

The value of resistor decreases after increasing voltage and the value of resistor increases after decreasing voltage.
Voltage dependant resistor

Cheeking of Resistor

If the value  of the resistor to be checked is 100, in that case, place the both probes at both soldering tips of the resistor and knob of the multi meter is selected at 200. Value of the resistor is displayed on the screen. if only 1 is displayed on the screen, it means that the resistor is open and if the reading is too high, it means the resistor is out of order. Resistors do not get shorted. value of the resistor will be considered ok within its tolerance limit.


Cheeking of Resistor,How to Check resistor
How to check resistor
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