What is Mobile Network?,What is GSM?,What is CDMA?,What is WCDMA ?,Difference Between GSM,CDMA And WCDMA


What is Mobile Network?,What is GSM?,What is CDMA?,What is WCDMA ?,Difference Between GSM,CDMA And WCDMA 


What is mobile network ?

The Mobile Network Operator is a telecom company that provides service to the mobile phone users. In these services, apart from making user audio, video calls, MMS Message (Text), MMS Message (Picture) and Internet Access is provided.
Mobile network company has different price for its service. Many networks also offer free SIM cards and offers including Unlimited Call and Unlimited Data. Many mobile networks are available in Nepal, some of which are popular networks like Namaste(NTC),Ncell, Smart,UTL, Skay etc.
What is Mobile Network?,What is GSM?,What is CDMA?,What is WCDMA ?,Difference Between GSM,CDMA And WCDMA
What is Mobile Network

What is GSM ?

It was the Second Generation mobile system based on Digital Transmission. GSM Communication is the most popular network of today’s time, this technology was first launched in Finland on December 1991.
GSM was created by Europeans and its service is being provided in 213 countries. Around 2 billion mobile users are using GSM service worldwide. The first name in this list comes from China, where 370 Million mobile users are using GSM Service, the second number is from Russia, where 145 Million users and the third number. India is where 83 Million mobile users are using it.
TDMA Technique is used in GSM, in which the speed of data transfer is from 16kbps to 120 Kbps. So friends, now you know about GSM, now we will tell you about GSM Full Form.

GSM Full Form


What is CDMA ?

In this, the focus is on security, with the help of Pseudo-random Digital Sequence in CDMA, individual communication is encoded, it provides better communication service and it can connect multiple users at a time.
CDMA Technology is used more in the Use Miltry Field. The Qualcomm Company designed the Communication Chip for CDMA. So now you have learned about CDMA, now we tell you about its full name.

CDMA Full Form


Difference Between GSM and CDMA

• Once connected to CDMA, it is disconnected after its call, in this it takes some time to call, but the call does not disconnect in the middle while GSM Call does not take time to connect, but the call traffic increases in between. Then the call becomes disconnected.
• Earlier CDMA did not put SIM in the phone whereas GSM used to put SIM in the phone. Earlier, CDMA and GSM networks were not supported in one phone, but today the network of CDMA and GSM is in the same phone.
• All your information saved in GSM is in your SIM card, which you can also use by putting it in another phone, whereas in CDMA you can not do it because it does not have a Simcard, but now the SIM card can be used. It is happening that the company of which you are taking a mobile should have the SIM of the same mobile operator, in which you cannot use the SIM card of GSM.

What is WCDMA ?

It is the 3rd Generation Mobile Service developed by the GSM community and is used in the radio leg of both UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and HSPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access) networks.
It can support Voice, Text, and Mms as well as move data at a faster speed. It helps mobile users to provide their favorite multimedia service like – Music, Tv, Video, and Broadband Internet. is.
So now you have learned about WCDMA , Now we are going to tell you about WCDMA Full Form.

WCDMA Full From

Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

Difference Between WCDMA And CDMA

• CDMA is a 2g technology while WCDMA is a 3G technology, this makes it work faster than CDMA.
• CDMA and WCDMA cannot be used simultaneously.
• WCDMA is many times faster than CDMA.
• CDMA uses 1.25mhz wide Frequency Bands whereas WCDMA uses 5mhz wide Frequency Band.
• WCDMA does not share the same design as CDMA.


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